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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I'm probably asking for trouble with this one, but here's a little essay I wrote in response to some reaction we had to the last Podcast.

I would encourage anyone interested in these issues to research the matter for yourself.

People of good will may certainly have disagreements, and I'm not trying to foist my view of things on anyone. I'm simply presenting it. I would expect people all across the political spectrum to disagree with me on some of these issues, but please don't doubt either my personal commitment to the truth or the fact that these are (if nothing else) very well-informed, considered opinions.

Here's a note to any of my friends who are mentioned in the essay. I thought it best to blog about this rather than to impose further on the email list. You've expressed your views to me, and now you know mine. Let's agree to disagree agreeably, in good faith and mutual respect. Shall we?


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